our objectives


  • Provide significantly increased capacity for business/VIP jet traffic, both to provide increased access for commercial airline traffic at congested airports and to meet the strong growth in demand for point-to-point private jet and general aviation air travel
  • Utilise cutting-edge technologies for renewable energy, heat generation, and reduced energy consumption at all facilities
  • Be totally independent for all power and heat requirements for all facilities, and to produce at least some quantities of hydrogen fuel and power for supply to aircraft
  • Implement a holistic development of each entire Airfield (and certification as an Airport), with expansions of all aviation capabilities and capacities without detriment to the local environment (noise, pollution) whilst providing new economic opportunities to the local community
  • Collaborate with universities, aviation engine manufacturers, hydrogen fuel cell developers, and composite materials developers
  • Provide a testing ground for new technologies for aviation and airports:

    •  – Airfield design and layouts
      – AI-based systems for airport management & operations management
      – Noise and pollution reduction
      – Reduction or elimination of chemical de-icing
      – Adaptation and incorporation of new propulsion technologies
      – Incorporation of new materials to reduce weight & increase strength of aircraft structures
    • Include in our MRO operations the possibility to retro-fit mid-size aircraft with hydrogen engines, in cooperation with new initiators that are already working on this technology and are launching their first models
    • Provide electric air-taxi services.
    • Operate e-VTOL (Electric Vertical take Off and Landing) aircraft for the delivery of goods and services (~ 100km radius)
    • Develop and present a new, comprehensive model to set the standards for green airports for the adaptation of existing airports to meet ESG goals and commitments


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